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Paris is the fashion capital of the world, the world's top brand kelly handbag hermes charm of this open design and chic boutiques, 14,500 square meters of shops, even today, here once again brilliant, RDA under the design of architect Denis Montel, transformed the former Lutetia pool, develop into a fashion Center for the arts. This kelly handbag hermes boutique flagship store not only so simple, it is to be comprehensive, clear interpretation of Hermes as a leather brand, established in 1837, the essence of charm and unique brand, while also showing the modern landscape art of high-end commercial storefront space.

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In this shop, stairs directly into the pool and next floor store space previously. Balustrade by the chips woven into, handrail is equipped with leather, stair and the pool floor, granite pool set in three spectacular wooden structure of light, but very spacious. Shop by three huge Atrium skylight for natural light, the storefront space bright and refreshing. With 12 pillars supporting the corridor around. Put eyes in the shop, you can see the ash wood woven into three cabins, offering comfort and noble experience Hermes. When over time practising traditional handicraft and worked tirelessly to perfect quality adhere to meet, to attain to the beautiful art in uncompromising was born. Hermes "crafts Festival" flowing on, not just as a production technique, and more is a handcrafted art.